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Dec. 16th, 2009

Well, seeings as I haven't updated me julie, uh, journal in FOREVER I guess it must be time for a wee update.

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Seeings as I have 44 days left in Australia I thought it might be time for a quick update. I had resolved to update every month but this kinda died on it's arse ("last update: 37 weeks ago"). I blame the pub. For everything.

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Upside Down Updatage

I can just about find time in my hectic schedule (which so far this week has consisted of lazing around drinking wine) to do a quick update. Really is just because i can't be arsed to email :)

So i'm back in Sydney after about 2 weeks in Melbourne. It was not bad or anything, but i preferred Sydney, where there are less flies, nicer places to eat and drink and way better people. Melbo *is* very pretty with some nice stuff, some nice 40 degree heat and i also had the world's hottest hairdresser :P so it wasn't all bad.

In other news i still have a tan. My photos are on facebook. I have given up eating meat (no cock jokes please!!). I also read Omerta by Mario Puzo (author of my favourite book ever, The Godfather) and it was utterly brilliant-i couldn't put it down. We hired a beast of a car (pointless 3.3 litre engine) and went on a very cool roadtrip which was possibly my favourite part of being away.

It is really weird being away, as i am totally out of contact with the world outside a tiny part of Oz. I haven't got a clue what is going on in England, politics & news-wise, and the weather in Sydney is a bit messed up at the moment. Loads of rain, Ninety loves it.I am not sure i am missing England, but Ninety is, and he is having the worst time ever apparently. He is talking about going back soon and i'm not sure how i feel about staying in Oz on my own. More positive than i do about going back to England! It is beyond strange to not know what is going on with my friends however. Feel free to tell me here!


nrghhh bored at work, damn keef.

reality bites today: realised that the people that i have spent the last 2 and a half years with in Brighton(some of them almost constantly) are very soon going to be totally out of my life. some of them forever. so have started saying my goodbyes, is all very surreal. is especially weird to be fucking off at a time when my life is pretty darn good.. hmm.

but i am bored at work and so i have given in to keef.

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how much terror can i spread in..

..16 days..?

Booked flights? check!
Found somewhere to stay in Sydney? check!
Sold some of my unnecessary possessions? check!
Moved out of my flat? check!
Burned some of my bridges in Brighton? check!

i have 16 days left, and all i have left to do is decide on which travel insurance quote i'm going with, and shake the disgusting Manflu i've caught off of some dirty man somewhere. i also need to spend a lot of quality time getting drunk with my nearest and dearest, which commenced last night with the drinking of Stella with my cousins, oh yes.

oh, and i need to buy a new mp3 player and a new camera, as both of my current ones have too little memory. and i have been thinking of buying this to get me in the mood:


sadly not going to make it up to Leeds before i go, which is a real shame, although i would probably end up unconscious in a skip somewhere in Wortley with Gill the Mental Midget Magnet, hiding from large-breasted pvc nurses and end up missing my flight..

Oz has got a lot to live up to after the blinding fun year i've had so far!

I woke up in a column of ash..

The limits of my terrible cooking skills know new bounds! Last night i managed to actually set something on fire while it was cooking in the oven. Hooray!! Inhaling all the smoke sure was swell, i think the stoner term would be 'hot-boxing' the kitchen.

Oh and in other news less then 2 months til i go to Australia, and i seem to have neglected to mention the fact i am leaving the country to a lot of people, oops.

Finally back to work and fully recovered after a blinding fun Infest. Highlights included:
-inventing and playing shite drinking game (and forcing it down everyone else's throat, sorry bout that!)
-seeing a ton of the Northern folk again, was wicked to see Uncles Big Daz, Keef et al!
-heckling. ohhhh the heckling.
-other stuff which I have now forgotten. damn jagermeister.

For your viewing pleasure:

there will be more of this shiz to follow. after i have been and done it all again at Slimelight tomorrow.. ffs!!


Dear Mr Myspace Hacker...

...I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for hacking my myspace. I was awakened this morning by a text message from a friend pointing out that my profile had been hacked. Since I have recently moved into a new abode which is currently lacking in internet access, I wanted to thank you for choosing such an opportune moment in time to hack me, as I am unable to survey the damage you have done to my friends' profiles and observe the wonderful bulletins you have posted on my behalf. Why, only this afternoon I received a text from my boyfriend, who was somewhat entertained by my new found interest in Macy's gift cards, which, due to the web restictions imposed by my place of work, I remain unable to view.

I am sorry to have to inform you I have now changed my password (or rather, a kind friend has on my behalf) in order that access to my profile is denied to you. Thank you once again,
Danielle Colyer


To celebrate i shall be making heart-shaped waffles for my sweetie, how revoltingly coupley am i?

Leeds this weekend, hope to see loads of my old crew out at Wendy House..

Gilly - i am all excited too yay! Hopefully will have new hair and will be up by around 5ish. Do i still have your books??? I thought i gave them all back but can have a look if you like?

Sam - can you make it out this weekend? If not can we hook up for a coffee and a girlie catch up? i am trying to not use my phone as it is the devil, but leave me a msg if you fancy meeting!